Different Types of Perfume


Eau De Toilette

  • When to wear: During the day, at work, or casually.
  • These contain about 85% alcohol, so the fragrance will be light at first and then faint hours later.

Eau De Parfum

  • When to wear: When you want to smell nice, but not attract too much attention.
  • These contain about 7-15% pure oils and only 1/3 of the fragrance lasts all day.


  • When to wear: Special occasions.
  • These are the most potent liquid fragrances. Half the fragrance will evaporate within an hour, but the other half will stay strong all day.

Perfume Oil

  • When to wear: Special occasions.
  • Different oils are mixed together instead of diluted with alcohol. The slightest dab will last longer than alcohol based perfume, but smell less intense.
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