Benefit Brow Zings Review


benefit-brow-zingsBenefit Brow Zings ($30) This complete brow kit comes with all the tools you need for clean, smooth, perfect brows. Kit includes: pigmented wax for shaping, natural-shaded powder for setting, discreet tweezers, hard angle brush, blending brush & mirror.

My Thoughts:

I achieved the most natural looking eyebrows using Benefit Brow Zings. Unlike eyebrow pencils, it doesnt leave your eyebrows looking harshly dark. Even though I’m Asian and have dark colored brows, I use the Light shade. Light is the lightest of the 3 available shades. To me, Light is dark enough to fill in my brows and still look natural.  I usually dip the brush in the wax first, then the powder, and then apply it to my brows. I recommend this product to everybody. It’s best to try out the lighteset shade first and then work you’re way up, because the Blonde shade is pretty dark already.

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2 comments to Benefit Brow Zings Review

  • Tann

    I never try such a brow set like this because my eyebrow is bushy already.. loool! but I am afraid to try to reshape it.. =/

    • Audrey Dao

      i never shape my brows. i leave it to the pros. one bad move and weirdo brows for over a month!

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