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Shadow Shields ($9.99 for 30) Shadow Shields are disposable, light-weight adhesives that easily attach under the eye to catch falling makeup residue and prevent the need for unnecessary touch-ups! The adhesive on the back of the shield is strong enough to hold it in place so users can keep their hands free, while also being gentle enough for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

My Thoughts:

So, I was meandering around Sephora when I discovered a new product: Shadow Shields. My immediate thought was : “Ooo…! I wanna try these out!” Since I didn’t know much about them, I went home and googled Shadow Shields. I found their site and a review from one of the many many beauty blogs I follow: Musings of a Muse.  After reading about it, what did I do? I placed my order. I recently got my order of Shadow Shields. I would just like to first mention how quickly I received my order. The order was placed during the weekend. I forgot which day. You wanna know when I received them? The following Tuesday! How quick was that!? My order was processed, packaged, mailed, and received all by Tuesday. That is just two business days! Usually when you order something online, it takes about a week or maybe longer for your package to get to you. I am still in complete awe.

Anyways, back to the review. So as many of you know, I love smoky eyes. One of the negative things about applying eyeshadow is the fallouts and the smearing you get when you apply eyeshadow. Shadow Shields is a complete God sent gift. No more fallouts. No more smearing. No more holding a tissue underneath your eye with one hand and trying to apply eye makeup with the other. With Shadow Shields, I can now pile on all the eyeshadow I want and not have to worry about anything.

The adhesive is divided into 3 pieces: 2 corner and a middle strip. I find that all I need to use is the 2 corner adhesives and the Shadow Shield stays in place. If you feel you need a stronger hold, use the middle strip also. I heard some people complaining that the adhesive is too strong and when they peel it off, it tugs on their skin. I don’t have that problem, because when I stick it on, I just lightly stick it to my undereye. I don’t press down on the adhesive. There is no need to. Lightly placing the Shadow Shield underneath your eye is good enough for it to stay in place. Also, by applying it lightly to your undereye, you eliminate the risk of the adhesive ruining your face makeup. If you’re worried about not knowing how to use it/apply it, Shadow Shields comes with easy-to-follow directions with pictures. See picture below. I really recommend you give Shadow Shields a try.


I suggest you order from the Shadow Shields site instead of getting it from Sephora. The Shadow Shields site sells a box of 30 for $9.99. At Sephora, a box of 30 costs $16. Even with the cost of shipping, it still comes out to be less than $16.

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3 comments to Shadow Shields Review

  • Lina Yung

    Thanks for the review! Whenever I do my eye make up, i have alot of fall outs. I bet this will help alot! Thanks !

  • Pamela P

    Where can I get this product? I really like it. I went to Target but I couldnt find it.Btw, thanks for the review Audrey!

  • Maria Gomez

    O0o0o00o I really like this. Also, I really like that step by step thing. I will surely go buy this. Btw, thanks for the tip to buy it from the site instead of at Sephora. :]

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