Loreal Telescopic Mascara Review


loreal-telescopic-mascaraLoreal Telescopic Mascara ($10.59) I thought Loreal Telescopic Mascara was an okay mascara when I used it on its own. I noticed some lenghtening and volumizing, but nothing for me to rave about. When I used the Telescopic mascara with a voluminizing mascara (Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara), holy cow the results! It made my lashes look so doll-like and fake. Fake in a good way. I discovered the best way to apply Telescopic mascara is not to zig-zag/wiggle the brush when applying it. That will just cause clumping. Instead, just apply the mascara normally minus the zig-zag/wiggle motion. Also, don’t let the mascara dry before applying another coat. Apply extra coats while it is still wet.

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2 comments to Loreal Telescopic Mascara Review

  • Erica B

    Im currently using this and when I use it, I do the zigzag way and then I usually have to redo it. Thanks for the tip, Audrey!

  • Brianna Dang

    Thanks for the tip about applying extra coats while its still wet. I was looking for a new mascara, I think I’m going to try this one. Thanks Audrey. Take care.

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