Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion Review


skin-md-natural-shielding-lotion Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion ($18) Skin MD Natural is a shielding lotion, a very special type of lotion helping the skin restore its integrity, enhance its protective functions so that the skin is able to heal naturally and regain its youthful appearance. Skin MD Natural works by bonding with cells of the skin’s outermost layer to form what works as an invisible shield. This layer of protection prevents environmental irritants and pollutants from penetrating the skin, while sealing in the skin’s own natural oils and moisture, helping resolve the dry skin condition. Skin MD Natural uses only the finest natural ingredients, and is focused on urging the skin to be active, and to use its own moisture to effectively heal itself. It is not oily or sticky, doesn’t sit on top of your skin leaving a greasy residue on everything you touch, it doesn’t rub or wash off easily, is hypoallergenic, fragrance, colorant and paraben free and dermatology tested.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been using Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion for nearly a year. I was first introduced to it when my work started carrying the line. The customers that would come in and see the display would always ask me if it worked or not. Embarrassed, I would tell them I didn’t know. I know. What a great sales person I am.  I just hate recommending products I don’t know much about or don’t believe in. Not knowing much about Skin MD and the constant questions from customers made me try Skin MD. Thank goodness I did because I fell in love with it.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is a light, thin (almost watery) lotion. I suffer from dry skin, especially during the winter. It’s really weird because it doesn’t get really cold in California during the winter and yet I have dry skin. For a thin lotion, Skin MD is so moisturizing. It is also quickly absorbed into the skin. So, no waiting around for the lotion to be absorb before you get dressed/ready. It’s a pricey bottle of lotion, but a little goes a long way. A pea sized drop is all I need to moisturize both my arms. Less than a quarter sized drop is all I need to moisturize my whole body (I’m 5’5). The moisturizing effects lasted the whole day for me. I can’t say it’s my favorite lotion because I’m not a fan of the thin, almost watery consistency. I prefer thicker lotions for traveling purposes.

To show you how well this lotion works, I did not moisturize my arm for about a week to exaggerate the dryness (before photo). Sigh. The things I do for this beauty site. The after photo was taken after 2 weeks of daily use. See the difference?



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2 comments to Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion Review

  • Shaina M

    I was looking around at your site for lotions because I’ve been looking for one. Nothing is helping me with my dryness. Im super dry on my face nowadays because of Winter. But this sounds great, I’m gonna go try it out. thanks audrey, i love your reviews !

  • tina nguyen

    I use this too! I love it!

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