OPI Maintenance Nail Envy Review


OPI Maintenance Nail Envy ($16) I L-O-V-E OPI Maintenance Nail Envy! It is an awesome nail strengthener. Nail Envy normally retails for $16, but I was able to get it for $8.95 through head2toe Beauty. It’s very easy to apply. Your first day you apply 2 coats and then every other day you apply 1 coat on top. After a week, you remove the layers and start all over. The polish goes on clear and gives your nails a pretty shine. Nail Envy doesn’t make your nails grow faster. It just strengthens your nails.

For the past year, my nails have been breaking so easily. The slightest little bump would cause my nail to break. After a week of using Nail Envy, my nails did not break once. Every little bump that normally would cause my nails to break or chip did not do my nails any damage. My nails even felt thicker. If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your nails, I recommend you try OPI Maintenance Nail Envy.

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