Kiss Me Heroine Mascara Review


Kiss Me Heroine Mascara (price varies $10-$18) I got both the Make Volume and Curl and the  Make Long and Curl from a store in a Japanese grocery store, but I am sure you can find it online. To me, this mascara is the perfect mascara to get through the hot California summers and that is why I only use it during the summer. It’s the only mascara I use during the summer. This mascara is sweat proof, tear proof, water proof. It’s basically budge proof. It’s so budge proof that I have a bit of difficulty removing it. Besides being budge proof, this baby can hold a curl all day and night. I layer on both the mascaras to get volume and length. The mascara wand is a small to medium brush so it makes it easier to coat your lashes with the fibers. I would recommend the Kiss Me Heroine Mascara to people, but I’m not sure how people feel about tough-to-remove mascaras. I guess if  you have lots of patience and don’t mind taking the time to remove the mascara, I say give the mascara a try.

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  • Hong

    I can get this at mitsuwa! :D
    I love going to the makeup section of japanese stores because everything is packaged in such a cute way! Too bad I can’t understand anything lol I could be ripped-off and I wouldn’t know it.

  • Audrey

    haha i don’t understand anything on the packaging either! i go shopping with a list of stuff i read about on blogs and want to try. that or i bring someone with me who can read the packaging.

  • Lulu

    this is my favorit-est mascara :D I haven’t tried the volume and curl yet, need to give that a try next time! :) There is a remover from the same line that is intended to be used to help remove those mascara (also shaped like a mascara w/ a comb brush and in pink packaging) but i have never tried it. I just use my neutrogena eye makeup remover and hold it there for a few seconds for the mascara to dissolve and it’s worked out quite well for me. but yea, LOVE love this mascara, I’ll need to remember to buy a new one for the wedding for sure! :)

  • Audrey

    Lulu –

    The reason why I tried the mascara out in the first place was because I saw it on your blog. haha
    I will have to find the mascara remover and give it a try. I remember seeing it on sasa or something like that

  • Unfortunately, I don’t think this is available here in the Philippines.

  • Audrey Dao


    Try looking on or

    sometimes they pop up on those site.

  • I’ve seen this before (I love the retro anime look on the packaging), but never saw a review for it. I’m glad it’s so stay proof! Now I really want to buy it :D

  • nope havent seen this before

  • I bought the Long & Curl and it is for sure hard to remove, but I bought it in a set with the Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover and that does the trick.

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