Weekly Feature: Coffee and Parchment


About 2 months ago, my sister and I were lucky enough to be photographed by Hannah Michelle of Coffee and Parchment. I have been a fan of Hannah’s for quite some time now and have been following her photo blog. I’m not saying this because I’ve known Hannah since high school, but because I truly am a fan. What I like about her photos is that they have a serene, peaceful, and soft feel to them. Even though she says she isn’t a good photographer yet and/or is too new at it, she sure has some major skills for someone who is a novice. Here are some of the photos from the photoshoot:

As you can tell, I am a horrible model. If you think modeling is easy, let me tell you something: it’s not! An hour into the photoshoot, I wanted to quit. It’s tiring! You would think just standing or sitting would be easy, but it sucks out all the energy from you. You have to be willing to be creative and carefree (something I am totally not). Be sure to check out other photos from the shoot at Coffee and Parchment.

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7 comments to Weekly Feature: Coffee and Parchment

  • Lulu

    Aww you and your sister look so pretty :) it must hve been fun being in a photoshoot! Best of luck to Hannah!! :)

  • Hong

    Omg where was this taken at? The lighting is perfect!

  • Audrey

    the pictures were taken in the afternoon about 3-6pm. we were really lucky because it had been raining like cats and dogs for like a week before the shoot. the day of the photoshoot the sun came out bright and sunny. also, i think hannah did a great job!

  • You look like twins. I like photo no. 3

  • Audrey Dao


    Do we really look like twins? haha Everybody thinks we are, but we aren’t.

  • CathyH

    Those are nice photos! I know what you mean about it being tiring. I needed a photo for an article. I made my friend take a million because I didn’t like them and it got harder and harder to smile :)

  • Audrey Dao

    CathyH – my cheeks were so sore from all the smiling! I was so relieved when it ended.

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