Tweezerman Tweezer Slant Tip Review


Tweezerman Tweezer Slant Tip ($20)

My Thoughts:

Honestly, the idea of spending $20 on a pair of tweezers is quite ridiculous to me. However, Tweezerman Tweezers are the exception. There is a reason why everybody goes crazy over them and fork over $20. They simply are the best. The tweezers have a good grip and are not super sharp. They can grab the small, tiny hairs with accuracy, precision, and ease. Besides the awesome performance, there is a lifetime of free sharpening. When the tweezers get dull, just send them in and they will sharpen them for you for free! Plus there is an array of colors and designs to choose from! Tweezerman Tweezers absolutely live up to the hype and are totally worth it. You will never have to or want to buy a different another pair of tweezers again.

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2 comments to Tweezerman Tweezer Slant Tip Review

  • Lulu

    hmm it never occurred to me that you have to sharpen your tweezers. I got a few of those cheapo $1 tweezer from ELF, they work pretty well. But a pink tweezer sounds like a very good idea to me hahaha

  • I’m obsessed about my eyebrows so it’s a must that I have a good tweezer. I might check this out.

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