E.L.F Natural Lash Kit Review


E.L.F Natural Lash Kit ($1) No mess lash beautification is here! Get those lengthy full lashes for any occasion, any day! Easy application and comfort grip gel allows for multiple uses so you can repeatedly achieve those batty lashes that will make any guy swoon.

My Thoughts:

These are not the best lashes. To me, they are rather flimsy and not flexible. Because of this, they are difficult to control. I noticed if/when I flexed the lashes a little bit, it put a kink in it. A kink that wouldn’t go away. It’s like bending a piece of wire. Once you bend it in one direction, there is no way to bend it back. That kink is there forever. You know what that means for the lashes right? One time use only! I can’t complain too much because the lashes did cost only $1. If you do manage to get the lashes on without deforming them, they feel very light and look natural. Would I repurchase? Chances are no. Applying false lashes is difficult enough. I don’t want to have to deal with lashes that make applying false lashes even more difficult.

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