Duo Adhesive Review


Duo Adhesive ($6-8 depending on size). I’ve used both the clear and dark tone versions. Both versions work amazingly well. The only difference between the white/clear and the dark tone is that the clear is a white colored glue that dries almost clear. The dark tone is a greyish colored glue that dries almost black.  I prefer the dark done if I’m using black eyeliner because it blends with the eyeliner. If I’m using colored eyeliner, I use the white/clear version.

The glue lasts all day and won’t come off until you remove it. The glue becomes tacky very quickly (less than a minute) so you don’t have to wait around waiting for it to dry. My only complaint is that I wish the nozzle to the tube was smaller because if you squeeze too quickly, a giant glob of glue will come oozing out. Duo Adhesive is my choice of eyelash glue.

You can buy Duo Adhesive at drugstores, MAC, and online.

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12 comments to Duo Adhesive Review

  • Valerie

    Thanks! I’m going to buy this. I have 2 evening weddings to go to soon….I haven’t worn lashes in years, and want to try them again :)

  • This is definatly my favourite eyelash glue!! The tube last soo long!

  • Lulu

    I got this the dark one after you told me about it :) i need to use it more often to practice, after we get our NYX lashes in hehehe :) How do you remove those lashes?

  • Oh wow, I never thought of just using the clear one for coloured liner, great tip! :) I’ve been meaning to pick some up for ages, I think I’ll go with the clear for versatility’s sake.

    • Audrey Dao


      it’s not clear as in invisible. it’s more of a whitish clear. i just think it blends better with colored liner than a dark/black liner.

  • Lulu

    i tried pulling, pulled my lashes out. gah :(

    • Audrey Dao

      how close do you place it near your real lashes? i usually leave a tiny little gap between my lashes and the false lashes that way when i pull off the lashes, it doesnt pull my real ones too.

  • I didn’t even know you could buy dark colored lash glue! I’ve always used clear and sometimes when they dry they go yellowish – yuck! This stuff sounds awesome though!

  • Lin

    Thanks for the advice, i’m so gonna buy the black one and try it out! I can’t wait! :)

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