NYX Fabulous Lashes Review


NYX Fabulous Lashes ($4.50) NYX Fabulous Lashes comes in 50 different styles ranging from chic everyday glamour to funky colors, glitter and crystal. Top makeup artists and models rely on NYX eyelashes to add glamour to fashion shows, photo shoots and the red carpet. Made from natural hair to high-quality synthethic fibers, NYX lashes are comfortable and safe to wear.

My Thoughts:

I am lovin NYX Fabulous Lashes! They are a tad bit more expensive than my other favorite, Ardell, but I think they are worth it. I love that I can reuse them over and over and they never lose their shape. A great way for me to get my money’s worth. I find the lashes very light, but yet very easy to control.  NYX lashes come in so many different styles and lengths that you’re bound to find one that fits your needs. A great buy and highly recommended.

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