Boots Botanic Moisturizing Deep Clean Foam Review


Boots Botanic Moisturizing Deep Clean Foam ($6.99) Remove the traces of the day without drying out your skin with Botanics moisturizing Deep Clean Foam. Containing rice extract and honey to leave skin cleansed and nourished, whilst pro-vitamin B5 helps soften and condition. Perfect for even the driest skins. Dermatologically tested.

My Thoughts:

I like that Boots Botanic Moisturizing Deep Clean Foam Cleanser removes your makeup and moisturizes it at the same time. It’s not a common thing for a cleanser to remove your makeup and not dry out skin. It cleans deeply and I think it may have shrunken my pores too! After cleansing, your left with soft skin with no filmy residue. There is a slight fragrance that doesn’t bother me too much. It’s kind of relaxing actually. The cleanser is actually pretty cheap because you only need a tiny, tiny drop to get a lather going. The cleanser is going to last you for quite some time.

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7 comments to Boots Botanic Moisturizing Deep Clean Foam Review

  • i’ve never used boots product before, keep the boots reviews coming, cuz i’m going to target to look at them soon :)

    • Audrey Dao

      there will be lots more coming :D i made a huge boots haul a couple of months ago (yea for gift cards!) im just so slow with the reviews

  • Carla

    minimizes pores? i should try this! do you know of other items that could help too?

  • Tracy

    Wtf! This removes make up AND moisturizes? Ah! I’m so trying this out!

  • Jarleen N

    It shrunk your pores? Hell Yes! Haha this sounds like a great product! Totally going to try this out.

  • charlie

    sounds like my next buy :D

  • Layla m

    what exactly does it smell like? im super sensitive to scent so I dont buy any product that smells gross but I really want to buy this. thanks audrey (:

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