Marie Louise Cleansing Clear Gel Review


Marie Louise Cleansing Clear Gel ($57) Its cleansing power capable of removing even the most stubborn makeup, Cleansing Clear Gel gently whisks away makeup while taking care of your skin with its special hydrating formula. This softly textured gel easily removes grime as it gently glides over pores to lift away makeup and oxidized oils. Rinse thoroughly with water or wipe off after use for a fresher, cleaner feel.

My Thoughts:

I love Marie Louise Clear Cleansing Gel! It does everything you want a cleanser to do. It removes makeup (even mascara!). It cleanses. It doesn’t leave back a residue. It leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. It doesn’t dry out your skin. It is by far my favorite cleanser so far. My favorite thing about the cleanser, besides the amazing performance, is that you can either rinse it off or wipe it off. It makes for a great travel companion. The Cleansing Clear Gel does come at a high price, but I think it’s worth it. It’s very rare to find a product that does everything it claims to do.

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