Revlon Photoready Foundation Review


Revlon Photoready Foundation ($13.49) Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup – for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish.
- Oil free
- Fragrance free
- SPF 20

My Thoughts:

I was so excited to try Revlon’s newest foundation. The idea of a foundation that creates a flawless canvas for photos excited me. Sadly, it failed to come through. The foundation was very shimmery. It made it look like you were sweating and shiny in photos. However, it did go on very smoothly. Photoready provided medium coverage and was not greasy or oily. From afar, the foundation made my skin look flawless, but up close, it made my pores extremely noticeable. It seemed to have settled in my pores.  I suppose it did make my skin look  presentable in photos, minus the shimmer that made me look shiny. In person though, it did not look good. I guess if you want a foundation specifically for photos and not many people will be seeing your skin, give it a try. It might work for you. If you wanted an everyday foundation or a foundation for special occasions, this is not it.

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8 comments to Revlon Photoready Foundation Review

  • Lulu

    Aww that sucks that yours was so shimmery! That would not work for my already oily skin. The bottle I purchased wasn’t too bad, I hear some batches are less shimmeryd than others? Not sure! I noticed I get oily with it on anyway so it’s probably not a choice for the wedding!

  • Ria

    I think that for photos and live the best is using a Smashbox primer before make up.Or you could use some tinted moisturiser with spf.Shimmery is never good photos or no photos :(

  • eww shimmery foundation? maybe the shimmer varies with the shade…
    i also have major issues with the texture of my face/ pores so this would be a no-no for me.
    i’ve been itching to try MUFE hd foundation… the whole concept of makeup for camera is awesome. everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, i have some of Cargo’s blu-ray collection and its the same concept.

    • Audrey Dao

      Erica after reading your comment, I realized this Revlon reminds me of a cheaper version of the MUFE HD foundation! They both look great in photos but horrid in person.

  • great to know! i’ll have to try MUFE before i buy then.

  • It seems like Revlon missed the mark on PHOTO ready!

  • Teresa_B

    Try either using Clean and Clear Matifying Moisturizer or Philips band uh i think its like colo health stomach medicine in the blue bottle with the white cap its like 3$-$4 and put it on before you either concealer/foundation then finish with a matte powder like Dream Matte Powder foe a flawless finish :D Its what i do

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