Smooth Away Hair Removal Review


Smooth Away Hair Removal ($9.99) I don’t know about you, but I love watching infomercials. I’ve seen the Smooth Away Hair Removal on TV so many times and I was so curious about it. Who wouldn’t want to buff away unwanted hair in seconds? So, when I saw this at Walgreens, I decided to buy it. I was curious to see if it really did buff away unwanted hair. It came with a travel case, a small and large applicator plus 4 small and large replacement crystal pads.

To use it, you are suppose to rub the applicator over the area with the unwanted hair. The crystals on the pads are suppose to grab the hairs and remove them all the while exfoliating your skin. Sounds quick and easy right? It was so not quick and easy! It didn’t remove any of my hairs. All it did was irritate my skin and knot up my hairs into tiny little hairballs. The more I rubbed, the more irritated my skin got. It took forever and a day to finally remove a small patch of hair that I quit. What I was left with was flaky red skin. How attractive. You know what the pads reminded me of? Sandpaper. Basically, I was sandpapering my hairs away. I should have known it was too good to be true.

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