E.L.F Makeup Artist Brush Belt Review


E.L.F Makeup Artist Brush Belt ($15) The e.l.f. Makeup Artist Brush Belt is made of an easy to clean faux leather material. The belt has an array of interior nylon pockets varying in size to accommodate all brush sizes. The center pockets are also designed to hold mascara, eye pencils, lip glosses or any other slender makeup product. An adjustable strap allows for the belt to be comfortably worn around the wais or over the shoulder. To protect brushes after use, fold the belt in half and close with the attached strap.

My Thoughts:

This is great for beginners. There are tons of pockets for you to use. The pockets come in different sizes so you will be able to fit brushes of all widths.  The faux leather makes it look sleek and simple. Plus, it is very easy to clean. The adjustable strap is great for wearing the belt anyway you want it. You can clip it around your waist or throw it over your shoulder. The only complaint I have about the makeup brush belt is that the pockets are too deep. Even the short pockets in the front are a bit too deep. It’s very easy for your brush to get lost and can get annoying if you’re short on time. Overall, I think it’s a great buy. This makeup brush belt is less than half the price of other makeup belts that look practically the same. It’s even cheaper when E.L.F has their 50% off sale. Even if you don’t want or have a need for a makeup brush belt, you can use it to store your makeup brushes.

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