Maybelline XXL Pro 24 HR Bold Mascara Review


Maybelline XXL Pro 24 HR Bold Mascara ($6.49) This mascara is a 2 step mascara. The first step is primer that is black instead of white which I love because you don’t have to worry about the white showing or the black color turning grey. I’m not sure if the mascara can last 24 hours because I have never worn the mascara for that long. Although, it did last all day and night. The best feature of Maybelline XXL Pro 24 HR Bold mascara is that it will give your lashes a lot of volume boost. I found 1 coat is adequate enough for volume. With 2 coats, you will get enough volume to create the look of false eyelashes. However, I did notice a bit of flaking when applying the second coat of mascara. I also found it a bit more difficult to remove the mascara than other mascaras.

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6 comments to Maybelline XXL Pro 24 HR Bold Mascara Review

  • you are truly the mascara queen…u’ve tried so many different drugstore mascaras, thank you for that! there are always so many types, it’s hard to tell which one to pick up. have you tried that loreal one w/ the tiny ball tip that looks like the givenchy one? u know the one i’m talking about? in a red tube? i’ve always been curious about that one.

    I tried a similar one w/ the primer and the mascara on two ends before from LOreal i think, I liked it, because the white fiber was so fascinating to me. hahaha

    • Audrey Dao

      i LOOOOOOOVE mascara! hehe. i havent tried that one yet. i want to though. i want to compare it the givenchy one.

  • I love Maybelline! Will have to try this formula :D

  • Lily

    I love mascara too! I’m glad that this one worked well for you, or well enough. :) I’m going to have to pick it up sometime. I also wanted to try the Loreal Telescopic explosion, but haven’t gotten the chance yet. Speaking of which, have you tried the Telescopic clean definition? It’s supposedly better than the regular Telescopic mascara, which I hated, brush and all.

  • laura

    I actually quite like this mascara look! But I am using now the Revitalash they make your lashes nice and full without looking too fake.

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