Infiniti by Conair You Curl Review


Infiniti by Conair You Curl ($49.99) The You Curl has a unique, clamp-free design and a cone-shaped barrel that creates a softer, less structured curl. Simply wrap hair around the barrel, hold for a few seconds and then release. The conical design allows the curls to start closer to the root, allowing more volume through the middle and the bottom will have a tighter curl . The effect is trendy, free-flowing spirals with no “clamp kinks.”

My Thoughts:

If you have difficult-to-curl hair like me, you usually dread curling your hair or skip it all together. Finding a curling iron that can curl my hair and not cause frizz is very difficult. If/when I do find one, I make sure I hang onto to it tightly and tell the whole world about it. Trust me when I say the Infiniti by Conair You Curl is a curling iron you want to find and hang onto forever.

The clamp-free curling iron features Tourmaline Ceramic technology that provides protection and helps reduces frizz. The 5 different settings is perfect for use on all types of hair. The You Curl heats up very quickly (30 seconds!) and is very easy to use. To use,  just wrap a section of hair around the barrel, hold for a few seconds, and voila! a beautiful kink-free curl. You can create all types of curls ranging from tight curls like Shirley Temple to wavy loose curls a la Giselle Bundchen. I love how the cord is very long and swivels. You don’t have to worry about tripping or getting caught up in the cord. My favorite feature of the You Curl is how light it is! I have super thick hair and lots of it! I probably have enough hair for 3 people so curling my hair with a curling iron can leave me with a super tired arm. If only you can imagine my giddy and delight when I was able to curl all of my hair and not suffer from a sore arm afterwards. Because it is so light, I was able to move from one section of hair to the next quickly therefore curling my hair faster than normal. I do have one teeny tiny complaint. I wish there was a way of knowing the curling iron is heated up and ready to use. I know it isn’t  difficult to count to 30, but a little sign letting  you know it’s ready would be nice. Overall, the Infiniti by Conair You Curl is an absolute must have.

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25 comments to Infiniti by Conair You Curl Review

  • That sounds really great! I have trouble using a curler, and the clamp always gets in the way. Did they provide you with a glove though? I cam imagine me getting clumpsy and touch the barrel while trying to wrap my hair around on it. I would love to try this curling iron some day, really cool!

  • i too have enough thick hair to share with 5 diff people, but i never use curling irons because they just are versatile enough for me… and this one sounds perfect!
    ive seen a lot of great reviews about this around lately… must be time to give in and purchase.
    especially if its as perfect as you say <3

    • Audrey Dao

      do give it a try :) i found if i used a curling spray prior to curling, the curls lasted much longer and made curling quicker

  • I have my eye on this!! what is the retail on this?

  • Lily

    I’ve heard about how great clampless curlers were, so I wanted to try one,and now it sounds like I’ve got to go get this one. Too bad it didn’t come with gloves!! My hair is also difficult to curl and stick straight and doesn’t hold a curl very well either…

  • It sure looks like it would burn your fingers. Is it good for people with two left hands??

  • MariaC

    I agree, I would want to use gloves while using this one..

  • Unknown

    This product is great. I am trying the product out in Canada before it hits the stores, and i am in love with it !! I hate curlers cause of the clamp and this is just the way to get around it. The trick is to use hairspray if you are going for a fancy look. For the bed head look, don’t bother with hairspray as the curls will loosen and give you that look. Great product !

  • Rachel

    where can you buy this at?

  • Janicka

    I just bought the Conair You Curl in Canada and mine came with a glove!

  • Richard

    where can you buy it in canada??

  • Vee

    I also bought mine from Canada at my local London Drugs. Right now they have a sale 20% conair tools, so it was $31.99 before tax! It also came with the glove.

  • Tara

    Cool! My hair is already wavy/curly, but I do need a curling iron to do my bangs, or if I want to make my hair more curly. My friend at camp had one of these and hers came with a glove, but you can also buy them separately. I plan on getting mine from London Drugs (I live in Canada) and it’s only $40.

  • I’m curious what curling spray you use before curling to hold your curls? My curls never hold. I’m very curious about how this clampless design happens to work better.

    • Audrey Dao

      I use regular hairspray or hairspray that is for curly hair. I spray the section I am about to curl very lightly with hairspray so it can hold while I curl the rest of my hair. When I am done, I give my hair one last spritz of hairspray. Also depending on how tight I want my curls, after I curl each section, I will roll the curl and pin it to my head until I finish curling my hair. That helps too. It’s a lot of work to curl Asian hair.

  • Mrelissa Lopez

    OMG!!! If you are afraid that it will burn you it is not that hard to go out and buy a glove.!

  • Bri

    The You Curl didn’t come with a glove until everyone was burning their fingers! I just got it, and I love it. My hair is down to my bottom and I can curl the whole length at once (hard to do usually) however I do have a problem with it slipping off sometimes. Its a lot easier to do in a pony tail, if youre not going to wear it all the way down, because you don’t have to worry about burning your head. Also, the glove doesnt really work, because the thumb is as long as the pointer finger (Probably made for lefties and righties) It gets in the way more then helps. I recommend using your own glove that fits tightly to your fingers. This glove only covers three fingers, and like I said, doesn’t really fit. But it works great, and holds nicely.
    God Bless and have a Merry Christmas!!

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

  • kiki

    OK, i have thick hai. It is a wavy/culy look but my hai is really poofy. So i straighten it. I have latley looked at reveiws saying its a good product. My only question is should i straighten my hair first or just curl it when my hair is naturally dried?

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