Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review


Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($17) This is your full-coverage insurance policy against all fading, creasing, melting, blurring, oil slicked, and hard-to-blend eyeshadow accidents. Our silicone based eyeshadow primer transforms any eyeshadow into a perfectly blendable, color-drenched, intensified version of itself, then locks it down perfectly until you take it off. This soothing formula evens out the skintone on your lids and smoothes lines while securing a barrier between the oils of your skin and your makeup, so no shadow catastrophes will ever happen again.

My Thoughts:



  • its got a greasy feel/texture
  • the product separates. Sometimes when you squeeze the tube, oil comes out first then the primer
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11 comments to Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review

  • I’ve never experienced the oil coming out with TFSI, but with the Lockdown colors, I’ve experienced it.

  • WendyD

    I experienced separation with my TFSI as well – a good shake before use solves that though. However, it didn’t prevent creasing on me, so mine went back to Sephora.

  • MariaC

    I’m now using the Urban Decay’s eye shadow primer, I do like it but I think I’ll try this one after that, because the bottle certainly is not the most practical one…

  • i have a mini travel bottle that i only use sparingling, i still like udpp better mostly for the base color (sin is one of my fav shadows, so when they came out with the pp version i was in heaven)
    perhaps i will have to invest in some of this for my matte shadow days <3

  • I’ve been meaning to try this! Currently using MAC primer and it holds up pretty well :D

  • I love this primer, I always go back to it!

  • Lily

    Love love love this primer but I’m going to have to let go and try UDPP just to see how it holds up someday. :D

  • Rita

    I am using MAC’s paint pot “painterly” as primer. It could be bit thinner than it is, but it does keep the eyeshadow on its place.

  • Chocogirl

    I agree that the texture does feel quite greasy and odd when first apply on the eyelids. Despite of the texture, I must say that this product DOES what it CLAIMS to do!!! I’ve always experienced creasing of my eye-shadow and then the pain of having pencil eyeliner absorbing in to my skin too quickly. A SA at Sephora suggested this product for me one day, at first I was skeptical, but made the jump and bought the darn thing. I do not regret buying it because it has put everything in its place!!! YAY!
    Plus it’s cheaper than Urban Decay.

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