Rohto Cooling Eye Drops Review


Rohto Cooling Eye Drops ($6.99)

A general purpose eye drop that combines redness relief with a gentle cooling sensation.

My Thoughts:

Rohto Cooling Eye Drops are amazing and a lifesaver! I am a contact lens wearer who suffers from allergies. So if you can imagine, my eyes are constantly irritated and red. Because of this, I always have eye drops with me. I have never used anything like the Rohto Cooling Eye Drops. You know how there are breath mints for your breath? Well, Rohto Cooling Eye Drops are like mints for your eyes. As strange as it sounds, it’s true. They are mints for your eyes! You can actually feel the eye drops providing an immediate refreshing and cooling feel to your eyes just like how breath mints add a refreshing feeling to your mouth. 10-15 minutes after using the eye drops, you will notice the whites of your eyes are no longer irritated and red. Instead, you will notice your eyes looking bright, more awake, and alert. Rohto Cooling Eye Drops work so well, they are my go-to eye drops now. Plus, the bottle is so cute and small enough to fit into your pants pocket.

A bit of a warning: the cooling effect can be a bit much for people with sensitive eyes and may need some getting used to. Follow the instructions and just add 1-2 drops at a time and you’ll be fine. Use anymore than that and your eyes will be burning. Also, be sure to put the drops in your eyes BEFORE putting on your contacts. If you don’t, the cooling effect will be intensified and that will cause some major burning too.

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