Skindinavia Dance! Makeup Finish Review


Skindinavia Dance! Makeup Finish ($19-$29) Created for the “all-nighter.”n Dance! holds makeup in place while you are on the move. Perfect for dancing, working out, and parties. Helps control excess shine and keeps makeup from running even through perspiration.

  • Surface cooling technology holds temperature to avoid melting or sliding.
  • Greatly extends makeup wear.
  • Revives fatigued makeup.
  • Formulated for very active use.
  • Saves up to 50% of makeup usage.
  • Helps control shine.
    • My Thoughts:

    I am so glad I brought this with me on my Vegas trip this past summer. Going to Vegas during the summer is basically hanging out in an oven all day and night long with people pushed up against you 24/7. It’s a major sweatfest. Wearing makeup isn’t practical. It will just slide right off your face as soon as you step out of the hotel, but you have to wear some makeup if you’re going to hit up all the Vegas hot spots right? Enter Skindinavia Dance! Makeup Finish. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for Skindinavia Dance! Makeup Finish. This finishing spray kept my makeup in place and intact from the moment I stepped outside the hotel until I returned in the wee hours of the early morning. My eyeliner didn’t smudge, mascara didn’t smear,  foundation didn’t disappear, and my face was shine free. It didn’t change the texture or the color of my makeup or cause my face to look weird in photos. The spray is very lightweight and invisible. You can’t even tell it’s there! Just a couple of quick spritz after applying makeup and you’re done. Skindinavia Dance! Makeup Finish is now a staple in my makeup bag.

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    4 comments to Skindinavia Dance! Makeup Finish Review

    • i am a HUGE fan of setting sprays <3
      i do special effects makeup at a haunted house and i dont know what i'd do if i didnt use it!
      never tried skindinavia's… seems a little pricey to me though

    • I really like the Skindinavia’s sprays! I have the mineral one and the one meant for humidity, and I think I tried 1 or 2 others, but I think they work really well.

    • glad you liked it. i don’t think you need to try the UD ones then because they are also from skindinavia, just packaged with an UD name/packaging :)

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