Aromatherapaes Face Mask Packet Review


Aromatherapaes Face Mask ($1.79) Face Mask is rich with a Honey Bee moisture complex, soothing Avocado and phenol-rich Olive Oil. This deeply hydrating facial mask delivers nourishing, natural moisture.

My Thoughts:

Aromatherapaes Face Mask is a viscous liquid that provides lots of moisture to your skin. It left my skin feeling soft and light. Unlike the other Aromatherapaes products I previously reviewed, this one didn’t have an earthy smell. Instead, it was more of a sweet candy  smell. Even though the face mask is liquid, it doesn’t drip down your face because of the thick honey. I also noticed a little tingling the whole time the mask was on my face. One thing I didn’t like about the Aromatherapaes Face Mask is the somewhat difficulty of washing it off. The thickness of the honey just seemed to be water resistant. Also, I wouldn’t travel with the Aromatherapaes Face Mask packet unless it is placed into a bag, because some of the olive oil leaked out of the packet. You don’t want the olive oil leaking onto your clothes or other belongings. Other than those 2 complaints, I think the Aromatherapaes Face Mask will be perfect for the upcoming winter. It will definetely keep your skin from drying out.

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