Eyebrows: Threading vs Waxing


After posting about Pamper Me Fabulous, I received a few emails asking about my experience with eyebrow threading and comparing it to waxing.

I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed for nearly 10 years. I’ve gotten it done so many times, I’m pretty sure I’ve become immune to the pain that is associated with waxing. As for eyebrow threading, I’ve only gotten it done once.

I’ve heard people say threading hurts more than waxing or waxing hurts more than threading. Truthfully, I think it depends on each person and the type of pain you prefer. Both procedures don’t bother me.


Waxing feels like ripping a band-aid off in one quick motion. That is the best description I can provide. Some pulls hurt more than others.


  • removes a lot of hair at once
  • quick procedure


  • wax can be too hot for your comfort
  • One of the things I don’t like about waxing is when the wax doesn’t remove all the unwanted hair in one pull and the aesthetician has to re-wax the area or tweeze the strays. I admit that hurts.
  • it is easy to remove too much hair.
  • wax can remove skin


To me, threading feels like tweezing. I could feel each of the hairs being pulled out. I also felt a slight rug burn coming from the thread. It is sort of like taking a piece of thread and rubbing it back and forth quickly across your skin. It’s that warm, burning feeling.


  • natural, softer looking brows


  • depending on how much hair needs to be removed, it can take awhile
  • you can feel each hair being removed

Like I said, threading and waxing pain depends on each person. Do you prefer feeling the pain of pulling one hair out at time one right after the other? Or do you prefer getting the hairs pulled out all at once?

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4 comments to Eyebrows: Threading vs Waxing

  • thanks for this post, that was very helpful to hear it from another person, even though u’ve told me about it before but i always have this tendency to ask about this topic again and again…just before the wedding I bugged my roommate to take me to watch her threading so I can see it up close (instead of staring at someone creepily in one of those mall stalls) and decide if i wanted to do it myself.

  • I think I like the pain all at once but I’m still scared of waxing. It doesn’t make sense but I choose threading. I got my lip threaded and it hurt so my eyes teared up. It was embarrassing, haha but I went back b/c it’s easier than going to a salon to get a wax for me.

    • Audrey Dao

      ive gotten my upper lip wax. it hurts as much as eyebrow waxing. maybe a tad bit more. just maybe. i’ve never gotten my upper lip threaded, but i would think that hurts and i dont want to try. you’re brave stephanie.

  • Lindy Pham

    I’ve always tweezed my eyebrows. But I want to try both! But I think I will start with the threading … at the mall.

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