My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask Review


My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask ($14.90 for 10)

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask whitens skin and restores elasticity for skin. It is ideal for all skin types, especially dull and loose skin.

Ultimate whitened skin: Ultimate whitening complex composed by black pearl extracts is a beauty ingredient containing amino acid and microelements. Blended with marine and botanical essences, it activates skin’s natural hydrating and whitening mechanism, leaving skin silky and radiant.

Leaves skin elastic and translucent: Natural vitamin C extracted from pineapple, rum and cucumber boosts metabolism and removes cuticles for fine, refresh, watery and white skin. Deep nourishment restores skin’s elasticity. Skin is revitalized and perfect.

My Thoughts:

Comparing the Black Pearl to Pearl Powder mask, I find I like the Pearl Powder more. Even though Black Pearl is more moisturizing and whitens the skin a lot more, it sort of irritated my skin. I noticed a slight tingly feeling the whole time the mask was on my face. It wasn’t bothersome, but I noticed it. I didn’t break out (thank goodness!), but it left little red, dry patches on my skin the next day. The mask has a citrus/lemony smell that reminded me of cleaning products. If you have sensitive skin like me, I wouldn’t recommend this to you. If you have normal skin, this mask could be a winner for you.

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