Kose Medicated Seikisho Whitening Mask Review


Kose Medicated Seikisho Whitening Mask ($20.40)

This peel-off black whitening pack achieves a whitening effect by continuing to deliver active ingredients deep into the keratin layer while simultaneously removing keratotic plugs (comedo), melanin and old keratin that contribute to dark pores.

Eliminates the causes of a dull complexion and maintains pure, white and clear translucency. Also contributes to smoother skin. Formulated with black nano-powder that readily disperses on the skin. It adheres closely, as if bonding with the skin, thanks to its excellent film-forming power, fast drying and airtightness.

It soothes skin suffering from the effects of fatigue and contributes to comfortable firmness and even smoothness. Formulated with five Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts, including wormwood extract and goldthread extracts.

My Thoughts:

I would have never tried this facial mask if a friend hadn’t recommended it to me. Also, I heard it was really popular in Asia. First off, the mask is black. It’s a really thick, black creme that was difficult to squeeze out of the tube. Because it’s so thick, I found it difficult to spread. It was quite a mess! You have to apply the mask quickly, because the mask dries really quickly and boy does it dry up! It dries up to the point where you can’t move any part of your face that is covered with the black creme. Removing the mask was a nightmare for me. It’s not the kind of mask you can wipe off with a wash cloth. It’s the kind you peel off. It’s like pulling an extremely sticky and strong band-aid off your face really, really slowly. Ow! Major pain alert! The only fun part about applying this mask is checking out all the gunk and dead skin that was removed. Not only did it remove all the gunk and dead skin from my face, it removed the little hairs too! It’s like getting your face waxed. So did it brighten my complexion? No. My face was red from peeling the mask off. I don’t recommend the Kose Medicated Seikisho Whitening Mask at all. It’s like a giant Biore strip for your face. Unless you’re a fan of the Biore strip, skip this mask.

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