E.L.F Studio Brush Shampoo Review


E.L.F Studio Brush Shampoo ($3) An anti-bacterial brush cleanser for thorough cleaning in-between makeup applications. Disinfects brushes to provide a fresh and clean application every time. Washes away traces of dirt, makeup, oil and debris from your brush while conditioning the hair to provide a clean and soft application for every use.

My Thoughts:

I have got to buy the E.L.F Studio Brush Shampoo in bulk! I really like the E.L.F Studio Brush Shampoo. It leaves all my brushes feeling so soft and so clean. Plus, no fragrance! Just the fresh, clean smell. It’s not a very big bottle of brush shampoo, but it’s concentrated shampoo so I always dilute it when I use it. Since I dilute it and a little goes a long way, the bottle will last even longer. I’m pretty sure it’s not the best brush shampoo available, but it’s the best and cheapest brush shampoo I’ve used so far. I will continue to use it until I find a better one.

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