Marie Louise Washing Foam Review


Marie Louise Washing Foam ($51) With just a simple, easy push of the pump, dispense a lush, velvety foam cleanser that’s suitable for all skin types. Plant-derived cleansing agents gently sweep away impurities while skin’s natural moisture is retained, leaving skin perfectly soft and ready for nourishment. Also, its antibacterial formula with Quaternium-73 ushers the way to clear and healthy skin. For all skin types.

My Thoughts:

Marie Louise’s Washing Foam is a liquid cleanser that turns to a creamy, whipped foam when you pump it out. I love that it’s not a watery foam, because it won’t run down your arm or drip through your fingers.  Less of a mess, the better. Did you know that the foam is created by the specially designed pump and not by a chemical reaction? Most foam washes foam because they contain sulfate and this what dries out your skin. Also, not to mention sulfate can be harmful. Besides being sulfate-free, I also love that there isn’t a fragrance and if there is, it’s so light it’s barely noticeable. The cleanser is perfect for all skin types. It is light and doesn’t leave your face feeling dry and tight. Instead, your face will be left feeling soft and freshly clean. It’s the type of cleanser you can use all year long.

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4 comments to Marie Louise Washing Foam Review

  • nice product! the foam is a nice feature cuz normally ud have to work it to get the foam but this one did the work for you. i read in asian magazines that you are suppose to wash your face with the foam lightly messaging your skin instead of your hands directly, so u r basically leaving a tiny gap between the foam and your hand…not sure if that makes sense hahaha. that’s why japanese markets sell those face washing nets where you foam up the product first, then use the foam to wash face.

    • Audrey Dao

      Hahaha I think I understand what you said, but yes, the cleanser is liquid and when it is pumped out it’s foam because of the pump not chemicals.

  • I love foamy cleansers! But I hate how most of them are drying.

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