Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers Review


Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers ($41.99) Girls who love curls can get them in an instant with these hot rollers. The clips and rollers are both heated for extra hold, and infused with ceramic technology for better heat transfer. New Xtreme provides the fastest heat-up – 75 seconds!

  • 75 seconds – fastest heat-up for the perfect style
  • Dual heat comes from both the clip and the roller for extra hold
  • Ceramic technology – for better heat transfer and longer-lasting curls
  • 20 ceramic multi-sized rollers – for beautiful curls and volume
    • 8 jumbo rollers (1.25″)
    • 6 large rollers (1″)
    • 6 medium rollers (.75″)
  • 20 heated clips
  • Stay-cool end rings
  • Ready dot
  • On/Off switch
  • Power indicator light
  • 5-foot line cord
  • UL listed
  • Limited one-year warranty

My Thoughts:

I love Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers! They rank as one of my favorite hair curling tools. I usually avoid rollers because they never work on my hair. I’ve used ones you wear while you sleep (painful!) and the ones you heat up in the microwave. They all failed. I’ve never used hot rollers before so I was curious to see if they would be able to curl my thick hair. Did the Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers work? Yup! I was so ecstatic! Not only did it curl my hair, but the curl lasted for hours and I didn’t even use any hair products to make them stay. Besides the fast heat up (75 seconds!), I love that you can multi-task while using them. Just set your hair with the curlers and while you wait for your hair to curl, you can do other tasks like putting on your makeup. By the time you’re done, your hair is curled. It only takes about 15 minutes for the curlers to curl your hair. I also feel the hot curlers can be less damaging to your hair. You should give Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers a try. I’m glad I did!

Edit: if you’re curious to see what it looks like, you can see photos of me using it here.

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16 comments to Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers Review

  • Lulu

    omg this one is a lot better than the set i bought in preparation for my wedding hair! i am so glad it works for you! i don’t even think i need all the rollers in one setting cuz i probably only have half as much hair as you do hahaha

  • OMG, this is the same set my friend gifted me for my birthday. I tried it once (not knowing how to use it) and my hair was super curly. I’m into the beachy waves, and I know I should use the bigger curls instead, but how do I make this work to fit my style?

    • Audrey Dao

      I still haven’t quite mastered using it yet. I can achieve the ringlet curls with no problems. I’m halfway there for beachy waves. I find if I use the small curlers and don’t leave it for very long (maybe less than 10 minutes depending on the thickness of your hair) I can get beachy waves. After I take out the curlers, I flip my hair upside down and shake out the curls to loosen them up and apply some sort of texturizing product give it that piece-y look. It’s not quite super beachy, but it’s pretty close. If you use the bigger curlers, it won’t give you that wave. It’ll just curl the bottom ends of your hair.

      Hope this helps. I’ll keep you updated :D

  • Vera

    I have very fine hair and the hot rollers always fall out because the only thing to secure them are the oversized “bobbypins” Are the clips more secure than the old style rollers? Usually if I use my hot rollers I have to be perfectly still so they don’t fall out. Depending on price I may give them a try. Currently I have some that heat up but are Velcro so they sort of stay in but still not great. I needs clamps on them or something.

    • Audrey Dao

      These curlers do come with clamps. They are like the jaw clip clamps and they do a great job of holding my hair and curlers in place. I have a lot of hair and it’s thick and usually curlers can never stay in my hair. The clamps that come with this set really helps. You can also heat the clamps up too!

      This Friday, I’ll be posting pictures of me using the curlers so you’ll have a better idea. I’ll post a link to remind you :D

  • Vera

    Thank you Thank you. I’ll tell my hubby I want a set from Santa

  • lindy

    This looks interesting! Ive never used hot rollers.

  • I’d love to try those, for I’m a bit concerned about the heat touching my hair!

  • Thank for the reply, I think I should try these out :)

  • I want to try this!! My hair is soo stubborn! It never says in a curl =(

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