Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen Review


Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen ($7.99)

  • Unique pen and fast-drying formula allows anyone to “Design & Go!” Create nail designs over any nail color.
  • Fine-tip pen makes it easy to control and draw precise lines for a French Manicure.
  • Mistake-proof formula can be removed or corrected with a moist cotton swab without damaging dry nail polish.
  • Water-based formula is environmentally friendly.
  • Great for French Pedicure tips too!
  • Available in 8 designable shades.
  • Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde free

My Thoughts:

I bought a few of the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens, because I thought how cool would it be for me to do my own nail art designs and save money by not having to go a nail salon. I actually ended up really disappointed.   To get the paint/polish to come out of the pen, you have to push down on the tip. It took what seemed like forever for any color to finally come out. When the color finally did come out, it came out really light so I went over it to make the color darker. Bad idea. It started cracking. Overall, the pens were difficult to control and the paint/polish came out runny. It seemed as if the paint/polish had difficulty sticking to your nail. By the way, a little side note: do not use this on your bare nails. Make sure you have a coat of nail polish on your nails before using, because the nail art pen will stain your nails if you don’t. It does say on the package, but another warning doesn’t hurt. Also, make sure your nail polish is absolutely dry before using the Nail Art Pen because it’ll ruin you’re pretty manicure if you don’t.

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