Anastasia Classic Stencils Review


Anastasia Classic Stencils ($20) This one-of-a-kind set of stencils are available in five shapes to suit any face shape:
Petite Arch- Recommended for small facial features.
Slim High Arch- Recommended for brows in training, growth challenged, thin or sparse brows.
Medium Arch- Recommended for brows with a softer arch that naturally creates less space between the bottom of the brow and the top of the eye.
High Arch- Recommended for brows with a higher arch that naturally creates more space between the bottom of the brow and the top of the eye.
Full Arch – Recommended for the fullest shape and larger facial features.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been eying these stencils for several months and couldn’t decide if I truly needed them. I talked myself into getting them by saying instead of getting my eyebrows professional shaped every several weeks, now I can shape them myself with the stencils and save money! After trying to use the stencils a few times, I really don’t they are worth getting. I had a difficult time finding a stencil that matched the shape of my brows. The stencils were either too thin, too long, arched too much, or just plain ugh. I’m better off shaping and coloring in my brows free hand. Plus, I don’t think the stencils will work with every eye and face shape. If I were you, I would try them out in-store before purchasing and make sure they work for you. Don’t be like me and purchase online on a whim thinking it’ll work. Chances are, the stencils won’t.

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9 comments to Anastasia Classic Stencils Review

  • Lulu

    I had thought abt getting those too, But they were so expensive! I’ve been thinking whether if I should
    Invest in their big $70 kit that also included the stencils, maybe not huh? I own a set of stencils from a cheap brand and they didn’t work for me, so I guessno reason expecting this one to be magical.

  • Kaoyee

    OMG. I hate those stencils. I got them in a set I bought a couple yrs ago and only used them once. The eyebrow shapes were too long for me plus it was awkward as hell trying to hold them onto your face with one hand and coloring in with the free hand. FAIL!!

  • i’ve thought about eyebrow stencils… im an over-plucker and too poor to get them professionally shaped all the time :(
    sephora has a nice set with a few stencils and brow powder and stuff that ive been eyeballing. the whole kit is about the same price as just the anastasia stencils. a much better deal if youre not sure how youre gonna like them

  • Saroun

    I gotten something similar to these from Sally Beauty Supplies. I regret buying it and I ended up ruining my eyebrows. Total FAIL!

  • Soo

    I’ve bought something like this before and was disappointed. is sucks that none of the stencils worked for you :(
    did you end up returning it at least?

  • thanks for the review. i was very tempted by this. but i didn’t want all 5 stencils so i didn’t get it. thank goodness i didn’t.

  • Jen

    Thanks for the review… I think these are a good idea in theory but I can totally see how you’d run into the problem of not being able to find the right one.

  • I think this would work if you’re trying to do some tweezing for the first time ever. I used some stencils that came with a brow brush when I first plucked my brows to avoid overplucking. After that, I guess the stencil is good for shading in.

    I don’t think it’s necessary to buy expensive stencils…just thought that I should put that in.

  • thanks for the review~ I’ve seen some similar ones but different brands but I dont remember where now.. it’ll be cool if they worked but yea, I agree it probably wouldn’t work for every face shape..

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