Audrey Takes Australia Part 1


I left for Australia as soon as I finished my last final exam. Some advice: try not to plan a long trip so close to final exams. You won’t have time to pack, and you’ll be running around like a headless chicken. At least I was. The flight wasn’t so bad even though it was a 14 hour nonstop flight. I flew on VAustralia, and I thought the plane was niiiice. The flight attendants were very accommodating. There were unlimited snacks, an awesome entertainment system, and pretty mood lights. It was kind of like a hip, happening place. Besides providing the usual pillow and blanket, they also provided earplugs and sleep masks for a goodnight’s rest. Or at least an attempt at a goodnight’s rest. My only complaint: the guy sitting behind me. I wanted to turn around him and punch him! I couldn’t sleep because of him. He kept punching, knocking, tapping, and kicking the back of my seat.

Check out photos from my flight!

  1. Hello LAX. Long time no see.
  2. The check-in counter for VAustralia. Look how nice it is! It’s like a club.
  3. Hmm…I think I shall watch Glee! The entertainment system was awesome. They had movies, games, and tv shows. You could also text anybody on the plane or join a chat room or play games with other people!
  4. That’s me. I look blah.
  5. What the plane looks like on the inside. The mood lighting would change to different colors throughout the flight!
  6. What I had for dinner. It looks kind of gross, but it was delicious!
  7. Breakfast time! Good ol’ eggs and potatoes.
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