Audrey Takes Australia Part 2


On my first full day in Australia, I went to Blue Mountains to check out “The Three Sisters.” I honestly had no idea what the Three Sisters were. I was told they were rock formations. I had high hopes for these rock formations. I thought they were going to be 3 huge, amazing rock formations. It wasn’t. Overall, Blue Mountains was very pretty. It reminded me of the Grand Canyon except with trees and bushes and not so hot and dry.

Check out my Blue Mountains photos!

  1. Welcome to Blue Mountains!
  2. An Aborigine playing the didgeridoo.
  3. The Three Sisters. What I came to see.
  4. Taking the trail down to see The Three Sisters up close and personal.
  5. The freakishly scary, steep steps I had to take to reach The Three Sisters.
  6. I made it to The Three Sisters! Now, gripping onto the railings, because I have a fear of heights.
  7. Climbing back up the steep steps. Check it out: still hanging on for dear life.
  8. Pretty view of Blue Mountains.
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