Audrey Takes Australia Part 3


I headed into the city aka Sydney a couple of times. It’s just too much to do in 1 day! I was lucky the weather was perfect. It was a bit cloudy, but humid enough to wear light layers. The first time in the city was just to stroll around Darling Harbour to see Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. The second time in the city was to walk around the whole city, maybe not the whole city, but quite a bit of it. While walking around, I was disappointed because the majority of shops and restaurants were closed since it was the holidays. When I mean closed, I mean closed for days. I wasn’t used to everything being closed because back home everything is always open.

Check out photos from when I was Sydney! WARNING: picture heavy

Strolling Around Darling Harbour

  1. Driving into Sydney, we went over the Anzac Bridge.
  2. View of Anzac Bridge from Darling Harbour.
  3. Candid photo of me. The business district is in the background.
  4. Navy ship and submarine.
  5. Mmm…lunch! There were “chips” aka french fries laying underneath the sliced beef.
  6. Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  7. Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  8. Me with Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.
  9. Sydney Opera House.
  10. Using the “toilet” aka restroom inside Sydney Opera House.
  11. Sydney Opera House restoom. I have a thing for pretty decor.
  12. Me outside of Sydney Opera House.
  13. Giant merman made of legos at the Sydney Aquarium.
  14. Pretty Christmas tree at Darling Harbour. There were silver kangaroo ornaments!
  15. I had to take a picture of this guy. I have no idea why he was walking around with a giant panda head on.
  16. Tidal Cascades. You can walk barefoot down to the center. At least I did.

Walking around Sydney

  1. Me in front of Sydney Opera House. You can never have too many photos in front of the Opera House.
  2. Look Left when crossing the streets.
  3. Look Right when crossing the streets.
  4. I ate at Lowenbrau for lunch.
  5. Hmm…what shall I order? What shall I order?
  6. I ordered Kalbsbratwurst: char-grill veal sausages served with mashed potatoes, buttered peas, and crisp onions.
  7. Visited The Rocks, a pricey area in Sydney.
  8. The Christmas tree at Martin Place.
  9. Inside The Strand, a shopping mall.
  10. The Strand.
  11. Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  12. A really chubby bird I had to take a photo of.
  13. The front of Queen Victoria Building (QVB). Another shopping mall.
  14. Inside QVB.
  15. A cute Santa window display. He’s replicating the Marilyn Monroe pose.
  16. Sydney Tower.
  17. View of St. Mary’s Cathedral from Hyde Park.
  18. Fountain at Hyde Park.

Some streets I passed

A few of many things that reminded me of home

  1. Pho!
  2. 3 story Apple store
  3. Cupcake bakery
  4. Yum…cupcakes
  5. More yum…cupcakes again
  6. Hungry Jack’s aka Burger King
  7. Gloria Jean’s Coffees
  8. 85°C bakery
  9. Yummers…cakes
  10. Mmm…more cakes
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11 comments to Audrey Takes Australia Part 3

  • hmm yummy! lookie all the cupcakes! and that bathroom sink (#3 in the first set) looks so cool! It looks almost flat from the picture, is it? So australian’s call burger king hungry jack’s?! hahaha

    • Audrey Dao

      the sink is flat and wavy to seperate sinks from each other. there was no drain hole and i was like where does the water go?! it drains to back towards the wall. i shouldve recorded! or well. haha

    • Audrey Dao

      they used to call it burger king but i guess it didnt well as hungry jack’s. so they changed the name.

  • Cuuute dress – looks like you topsytailed! We forget they are so Brit-centric – buildings, names!

    An article in the Sunday travel section of our paper focused on convict history of Sydney and said every site seemed to have a chic cafe adjacent!

  • Everything looks so pretty! I like how photo 12 looks kind of like the three sisters! The opera house is much more pretty obviously! I’ve never noticed the texture of the roof before and I love it! I like how you took photos of the streets. I would do the same thing so I could remember where I went and look it up on google maps.

  • Ally

    Looks like you had an amazying time! I love the “look left” and “look right” on the street. and the cupcakes look delish!

  • Jen

    Looks like you had a great time… That Cupcake Bakery looks awesome!

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