Audrey Takes Australia Part 4


One of the weekends in Australia, I took a trip south of Sydney to Canberra ( Australia’s capital), Kiama, and the Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong.

The first stop was Nan Tien Tiemple, a Buddhist temple. I’ve never seen a Buddhist temple as large as Nan Tien. It was huge and the landscaping was gorgeous! After Nan Tien, I headed to Kiama to check out the famous lighthouse and blowhole. After Kiama, off I went to Canberra, Australia’s capital. In Canberra, I saw the Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial, Black Mountain Tower, and Cockington Green Gardens. Cockington Green Gardens is a garden displaying cute models of houses, areas, and activities from all around the world. I felt like a giant in the garden!

Check out photos from my trip south of Sydney! WARNING: picture heavy

Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong

  1. The pathway to Nan Tien Temple
  2. The 8 level pagoda
  3. Me in front of the entrance to the temple. Can you see my sock tan line? Sexy.
  4. The 8 level pagoda in the background
  5. Me in front of the main temple
  6. I just thought this sign was funny
  7. Me ringing the Nan Tien Gratitude Bell
  8. Me with the 8 level pagoda in the background


  1. A big birdie! I believe it’s a pelican?
  2. The famous lighthouse
  3. The famous blowhole about to blow! I couldn’t catch a good one on camera.
  4. Just pretty scenery.


Parliament House

Australian War Memorial

Black Mountain Tower

  1. The Black Mountain Tower was really tall. I could only capture the top half!
  2. A model of the tower.
  3. A view of Canberra from the top of the tower.

Cockington Green Gardens

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