Audrey Takes Australia Part 5


This is the last post for my trip to Australia. These photos are just random photos I wanted to share but didn’t really go with the other posts. Overall, I love Australia. This was my second time visiting Australia, and I can’t wait to come back.

Check out my random Australian photos!

  1. Yum Cha aka Dim Sum in Cabramatta!
  2. One of many meat pies I ate. I love meat pie!
  3. Celebrating Christmas with a yummy mud cake.
  4. One of many fish and chips meals I ate.
  5. An Asian bakery in Cabramatta.
  6. ByeBye Sydney. I will be back.
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14 comments to Audrey Takes Australia Part 5

  • Glad to hear you enjoyed it doll! I meant to comment on the other post but how awseome is the cupcake shop!

  • Mostly FOOD! lol

    OK, are those chien doi above the mud cake? And they are filled with what?

    And above those, is that sticky rice in banana leaves with a pork filling?

    I’m getting hungry and going to start thinking about what’s for dinner!


    And mine because I looked at them…

    BTW, I played with the fantastic NYX Soho Glam palette yesterday: pink highlighter, mauve and purple eyeshadow. Black liner topped with dark blue shadow and fuchsia lips which I thought would be garish but turned out quite nicely. No pics – my complexion is still spotty and I’m working on it!

    • Audrey Dao

      I don’t know the names of the dishes. Bad i know. When
      I order I just point and say I want that. Haha. I do know that is sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.

      I’m happy to hear you are able to use the palette! :)

  • oh my lord the food!!!! and cakes. i need to go do a dim sum run tmr

  • Hong

    OMG the desserts!!!!!! Wish I could go to Australia

  • OMGGGG audrey you evil, I just got home from my tiresome trip, i’m hungry, and I wanted to finish checking my emails so i can go eat, until i saw this. MEAT PIE and dim sum! droool! gotta have good dim sum anywhere of the world we go :p

  • I’m going back down there next month and it was one of the things I thought about haha! Melbourne too, have you been? There is some amazing food places down there like this place called Lord Of the Flies and its a vegan fast food joint and its great, even if you aren’t a fan of vegan food. Then a few doors up there’s a Spanish donut place, ah, I’m getting hungry thinking about it lol!!!
    Oh and speaking of meat pies Pie Face is a must, we originally went there because of the funny name but its really good too.

    • Audrey Dao

      I’ve never been to melbourne. i want to go there next so i can watch the australian open.

      i saw pie face! hahah i wanted to go there because i heard they draw faces on the pies.

  • Yeah they do we thought it was hillarious

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