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Finally! I’m done with the new layout! At least for now. Haha. You’re probably happy I’m done with the changes. No more hearing me saying the site is down or how much writing codes is driving me crazy. It was a gradual change over the past couple of months so this new layout announcement is probably old news to you.

The photo above shows what the layout is suppose to look like. Depending on the size of your monitor, you might not be able to see all of the polka dot background image. I wanted to keep things clean and simple, so there weren’t major changes. In addition to all the new features I announced in the past several weeks, I added some new ones to hopefully help you navigate my site better.

Check out the new features!

I added a Featured Posts slider to help feature posts I thought you might be interested in. Does it scroll to fast? Too slow?

I highlighted the header and footer of each post to help better separate each post and to help identify the comment, category, and tag links.

I cleaned up the comment thread/replies. It looks neater and more eye pleasing don’t you think?

When you fill out the form to leave a comment, the box you are filling out lights up. (Thanks Lulu for noticing!)

Is there something you don’t like? Is there something I should take away or add? Is something too big or too small? I would really love your feedback. I want to make my blog as reader friendly as possible.

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