Arbonne Sea Salt Scrub Review


Arbonne Sea Salt Scrub ($28) The exfoliating action of this sea salt scrub — enhanced with the Awaken Essential Oil Blend — sloughs away dead surface cells revealing brighter, healthier-looking skin.

My Thoughts:

I love Arbonne Sea Salt Scrub! I know it’s just sea salt and essential oil for $28, but it works amazingly well. I use the scrub all over my body to exfoliate and soften my skin. I even use it to buff away the yucky calluses on my feet. The Arbonne Sea Salt Scrub is quite the multi-tasker. I like that the sea salts are not too harsh and rough. I hate it when a scrub leaves my skin feeling scratched up and irritated. I also like that it didn’t leave my skin feeling dried out. Instead, my skin felt very soft and hydrated. I didn’t even have to moisturize my skin after my shower. The light lemony fragrance of the scrub is an added bonus. A little goes a long way so the tub will last for quite awhile. A little warning: after using the scrub, it left the floor of my shower slippery so be careful not to slip and fall.

See a photo of the sea salt scrub!

I use the yellow plastic spatula to stir and mix the oil and sea salt, and then to scoop out some sea salt scrub.

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