Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets Review and Photos


Clean and Clear Absorbing Sheets ($5.49 for 50 sheets) Instantly blot away excess oil and say goodbye to the shine! Oil-Absorbing Sheets soak up excess oil and remove shine from your face, without smudging makeup or leaving behind a residue. Softer than paper, these silky smooth sheets can be used easily around your nose and other areas of your face. Use them anytime, anywhere to remove oil and shine throughout the day. It’s beauty on the go. Oil-Absorbing Sheets are smooth, flexible sheets that change color with use so you can actually see them working. The sheets absorb oil from the skin, effectively reducing shine. They come in a slim, pop-up package for convenient access.

My Thoughts:

I really like the Clean and Clear Absorbing Sheets. You can always find them in my purse or backpack. I basically always have them with me. The sheets measure to be about 3.25 inches (8.3cm) in length and little over 2 inches (5.31cm) in width. I usually need only 1 sheet. But when my face is really oily, I need 2 sheets. The sheets are thick but not super thick. The sheets are also very soft but strong enough where they don’t rip after soaked with oil. When you use the sheets, it doesn’t smudge or remove your makeup or leave back any unwanted residues. The sheet changes color from dark blue to different levels of transparency depending how much oil is being absorbed. The more oil the sheet absorbs, the more transparent the sheet becomes. I like how strong and sturdy the packaging is. It takes quite a beating in my purse and backpack, but it has yet to fall apart. I also like how the tab slips into the slot. This keeps the flap from opening up and the sheets getting dirty. I do have some complaints. The first is after awhile and a certain amount of uses, the sticky tab loses its stickiness and can no longer grab onto a new sheet. You end up (at least I do) trying to grab a sheet with your fingers. It’s really difficult to separate the sheets with your fingers. Second, sometimes multiple sheets will come out at once, and it’s difficult to shove the extra sheets back into the packaging. You end up wasting 2-3 sheets. The third complaint is the price. Each sheet costs roughly almost 11 cents. To me, that is a bit expensive. Overall, I’ll keep buying them because they work and they are probably the best I’ve ever used.

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Sorry for the dirty and beat up looking packaging. It’s been in my purse and backpack for awhile screaming to be reviewed on my blog.

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