Inglot 5 Round Freedom Palette Review, Photos, and Swatches


Inglot 5 Round Freedom Palette ($25)

My Thoughts:

The Inglot Round Freedom Palette allows you to build your own custom palette. The price for each palette depends on the size and shape (all circle or all square or combination of both) of the Freedom Palette you choose. Palette sizes range from 2 product to 10 product slots. Product wise, you can choose from concealers, lip colors, and eye shadows. It’s your own custom palette so you can include whatever products you would like. The palette comes packaged in a box. The cost of each palette includes the cost of the products and the palette. I decided to make a 5 all round eyeshadow palette for $25.

The palette itself is quite heavy and very sturdy. It’s all magnetized so to open the palette, you have to slide the lid off. The magnets in each of the corners are too strong for you to lift the lid. I had no trouble placing each of the shadows into the slots. I feel once the product is in the palette, you can’t get it out because there is no wiggle room for you to slip your nail or something slim in between the palette and the product. I gauged one of the shadows trying. *tear* At least I can’t get my shadows out of the slots. Maybe there is a way, and I don’t know about it.

The products for the Freedom Palette all come individually packaged and wrapped. They don’t have names. Instead, they are numbered. I don’t like the numbering system because it’s more difficult to remember the name of each product. The eyeshadow themselves are pretty good. The finishes are either matte or shimmery. There were a few that were a bit chalky, but for the most part, they are true to color. They all go on very smoothly and last quite awhile. The size of the eye shadows for the Freedom Palette is very similar to the size of MAC shadows. Note: you can’t place Inglot shadows into MAC palettes. I tried. The Inglot shadows won’t magnetize to the MAC Palettes. One tiny complaint I have about the Inglot eye shadows is the fallout. Besides the fallout complaint, overall Inglot shadows are very good. The price is great too! 5 products and palette for $25.

If you have an Inglot near you, you should check them out. Besides eye shadows, concealers, and lip colors, they sell other products too; full-size and palette size. Their products are reasonably priced and good quality too. Click here for a list of Inglot locations.

Check out swatches of the shadows I chose and more photos! [Picture heavy]

I know fallout occurs when you apply the eyeshadow, but I couldn’t get a good enough picture so I had to settle for the fallout on the shadows themselves.

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