NYX Propel My Eyes Mascara Review, Photos, and Swatch


NYX Propel My Eyes Mascara ($13) Propel your lashes to new heights with our new high-definition mascara. Propel My Eyes Mascara instantly lifts eyelashes while intensifying. Contains dl-panthenol and green tea extracts that condition and add shine. Special applicator brush is designed with a 4-way pinwheel multi-cut at right angles which disperses the conditioning mascara while pushing up lashes for optimal lash separation and even distribution. The results? No clumps and gorgeous long lashes!

My Thoughts:

Love! NYX’s Propel My Eyes Mascara is perfect for adding appropriate day-time volume to your lashes. It’s the type of mascara you would use if you didn’t want your lashes looking obviously fake and gooped with mascara. Propel My Eyes gave my lashes the appropriate amount of lift and volume to grab attention, but yet still look natural.  The mascara only comes in one shade: Jet Black, and it is truly Jet Black. Usually mascaras that are super black have a really wet formula and smudge automatically if you blink before it dries; not NYX’s Propel My Eyes. Propel My Eyes had a wet formula, but it dried quickly enough so mascara wouldn’t end up underneath your eyes when you blinked, and it didn’t smudge throughout the whole day! Also, mascaras with wet formulas can never hold a curl. So it came to quite a pleasant surprise when my lashes stayed curled all day long! I think what helped my lashes look natural is the conditioning quality of the mascara. The mascara didn’t dry out my lashes as the hours passed. Instead, my lashes stayed soft and shiny black.

The mascara wand had an interesting shape. It had an hour glass shape: fat on the ends and thin in the middle. This helped with reaching the inner and outer lashes and lifting the lashes. Also, it helped my lashes from clumping. NYX Propel My Eyes is an absolute must-try!

Check out photos and swatches!

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