NYX Fly With Me Mascara Review, Photos, and Swatch


NYX Fly With Me Mascara ($13) The sky is the limit with this mascara! NYX’s new “Fly with Me” formula intensifies lashes 100x’s making average lashes infinitely long, boldy black and provides intense coverage for extreme thickness.

My Thoughts:

NYX’s Fly With Me Mascara certainly delivered its promise of longer, boldy black lashes, but not so much on the extreme thickness. The mascara did a great job of separating and defining my lashes and making them super long. I didn’t experience any clumping or smudging from the moment I applied the mascara to the moment I removed it. I even worked out at the gym with the mascara on! The mascara also did a great job of keeping my lashes curled all day long.

The bristles on the mascara brush are plastic, and the wand goes from round and fat at the top to slim at the bottom. The formula has fibers and is not too wet or drying. The fibers  did a really great job helping with the lengthening of lashes. Fly With Me was very easy to remove. It didn’t smudge along bottom of eye.  Instead, the mascara removed in long tube-like fibers.

Overall, NYX’s Fly With Me Mascara is good, but not great. I think if it provided a lot more volume, then it would’ve been an amazing mascara.

Check out swatches and more photos!

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