Revlon Liquid Quick Dry Review


Revlon Liquid Quick Dry ($5) Instantly dries wet nail enamel for a high gloss, flawless finish.

– Mineral oil wraps nails in a smooth, glossy layer
- Vitamins C + E provide antioxidant protection
- Panthenol: “nail-friendly” pro-vitamin B5 helps to provide conditioning to nail

My Thoughts:

I think I may have found the best product for quick drying nail polish. Revlon Liquid Quick Dry was indeed quick drying. It was able to dry my nail polish in less than 5 minutes. No joke! In less than 5 minutes! What I like about the Revlon Liquid Quick Dry is that it’s not messy. You just brush it on like you brush on nail polish. It does take longer to apply than using a dropper because you have to brush it on each nail. However, Revlon Liquid Quick Dry is a lot less messier than the ones that come with a dropper since it’s more precise. It’s the perfect solution for when you want to do a quick manicure and you’re worried you don’t have time.

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13 comments to Revlon Liquid Quick Dry Review

  • Lulu

    i love this too :) but nowadays i just use seche vite so i don’t have to do any extra steps afterwards.

  • I don’t use SV any more, either. I do use Revlon Extra Life top coat (cheap.) And sometimes OPI Drip Dry Drops (messy!)
    Soos recently posted..Food to soothe our soulsMy ComLuv Profile

  • Have you try the one from OPI? If so, how does it compares? Thanks! I like that the Revlon is cheaper but also want to know if it’s as good as the OPI one. Here is my review for the OPI one.
    Beautiful Canvas recently posted..DHC Q10 Hand Cream ReviewMy ComLuv Profile

    • Audrey Dao

      ive haven’t tried the opi one yet so i don’t know how it compares. sorry. the only ones ive used are revlon’s and zoya’s. when i do see opi’s i’ll get it and try it :D

  • Great stuff and great price as well ! Worth a try I think. But I’m not sure whether it’s available in Malaysia or not. I gotta check it out later. hehe…
    AnnaYJia recently posted..Review – Laneige Fresh Modernist Blusher Snow Crystal LipstickMy ComLuv Profile

  • Sinful Colors has one too, but the brush kinda messes up the polish, so I let it drip off the brush onto the nail.
    Harri recently posted..Zoya Get Your Green OnMy ComLuv Profile

    • Audrey Dao

      really? for the this revlon one, i didn’t notice any problems with the brush. maybe the sinful colors brush is too stiff?

  • Ava Spencer

    Revlon Liquid Quick Dry is THE BEST AND FASTEST instant nail dryer I have found, and I have been searching for years now.
    I bought this last week and it works WAY better than OPI drops (which are also much more messy/take too long/add splotches and are more expensive). This is also wayyy better than any of the aerosol spray/air dryers (like Beauty Secrets famous red aerosol can) or Quick dry top coats (OPI, Revlon, Essie, Sally, etc etc) I have ever found and I’ve been hunting around the internet, Sally, and beauty supply stores for years now to find the fastest enamel dryer, and THIS IS IT!

    This brush on dryer literally dries your job nearly hard as a rock within 2 minutes of brushing over your topcoat.

    Side Note: If you have 5 minutes or less to paint your nails and you need them to be good, hard and dry, (without having babying them from touching anything that might smudge them). Then the one final step after using REVLON Liquid Quick Dry is: ALSO dipping and holding nails in ICE cold water for 1-2mins this will leave them fully hardened and ready to bump into things and not smudge you perfect paint job :)

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