Palladio Eye Ink in Black Review, Photos, and Swatch


Palladio Eye Ink in Black ($5.99) Achieve long-lasting dramatic eyes with Palladio Eye Ink. The comfortable felt tip applicator makes precision application easy while the fast drying formula prevents smudges.

My Thoughts:

Palladio Eye Ink is a felt tip liquid eyeliner. The shade I have, Black, is really black, and I love it! I didn’t have to go over it to get the color to be super black. It came out jet black with just one swipe. I like that I can achieve different widths of the line I draw just by either using the end of the tip or the side of the tip. It makes drawing the winged liner look much easier.  I also like that the eyeliner doesn’t spread/bleed when I apply it. I cannot tell you how many liquid liners I had to toss out because the eyeliner kept bleeding. The eyeliner stays in place all day (and night) long and is very easy to remove. The eyeliner is also very easy to control and to hold in between your fingers. Another good thing about Palladio Eye Ink is the pen is short. You can get up close to the mirror without having to worrying the eyeliner getting in the way.

Available at Sally Beauty Supply and online.

Check out the swatch for Palladio Eye Ink in Black and more photos!

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