Palladio Herbal Mosaic Powder Review, Photos, and Swatches


Palladio Herbal Mosaic Powder ($7.99) Palladio’s Mosaics come in five harmonizing hues of pinks, tans and browns combined in one powder kit. They can be used individually or blended together to create a single shade to match your skin type. They can be used as an overall bronzer, blush, eye shadow or an overall face highlight!

My Thoughts:

Palladio’s Herbal Mosaic Powder works great as a bronzer for people who just want a subtle glow or a bronzer that isn’t too intense or pigmented. You can use each color in the Mosaic Powder on it’s own or you can swirl your brush over the powder to mix all the colors together. All the colors, on their own or mixed, are very light and subtle. The powder isn’t overly shimmery or glittery. Instead, it has a slight shimmer to help give the glow-from-within look. The lasting power of the powder is great. I can see a compact lasting for a long time, even with daily use. Overall, I would recommend the Palladio Herbal Mosaic Powder to people with light skin tones. I think it’ll be perfect. People with medium to dark skin tones might have trouble getting the color to show up since the powder subtle and isn’t very pigmented.

Available at Sally Beauty Supply and online.

Check out swatches and more photos for Palladio Herbal Mosaic Powder in Spice and Goddess of Sun!

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