Scunci Bendini Review and Photos


Scunci Bendini ($4.99)

My Thoughts:

The Scunci Bendini is a hair comb and clip put together.  It offers many different designs for all age groups to be used for all types of events. You can use it for school dances (perfect for upcoming prom!), weddings, a date night, or even just to work or school. It’s very easy to use. You just place the comb into your hair and bend to snap the Bendini into place for an all day long hold. There was no tugging or snagging of hair when placing the comb into my hair or removing the Bendini at the end of the day!

The only problems I ran into when using the Bendini was (1) I thought I was going to snap the Bendini in half when bending it because it’s a little stiff. I wasn’t sure I was bending it in the right direction. But on the positive side, if it wasn’t stiff, it wouldn’t be able to stay in place all day long right? (2) The comb part can hold only so much hair. Since I have so much hair (and it’s thick), I felt it was only good for pulling back my bangs.

Overall, Scunci’s Bendini is a great alternative to using bobby pins and boring barrettes to keep hair out of your face.

Check out more photos of the Scunci Bendini!

You don’t have to clip the Bendini into your hair the same way I did. Be creative (unlike me).

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