Be Fine Exfoliating Cleanser Review and Photos


Be Fine Exfoliating Cleanser ($25) Deep cleansing to gently slough and moisturize. Almond is a naturally high in minerals and removes impurities. Brown Sugar & Oats calm and heal. This non-irritating light buffing cleanser clears away dull and damaged skin

My Thoughts:

I don’t recommend using the Be Fine Exfoliating Cleanser as a daily cleanser. Exfoliating your skin everyday is too harsh and will irritate your skin. This cleanser is best if used 2 times a week; 3 at most. When you initially rub the cleanser onto your face, it feels a bit harsh and rough. As the brown sugar melts away, the cleanser becomes smoother and starts to foam (not a lot; just enough to notice it). If the Exfoliating Cleanser is too harsh for you, I found wetting the cleanser before scrubbing your face will melt the brown sugar and make it less harsh. Even though the cleanser is on the harsh and rough side, it is very hydrating. It left my skin glowing and soft. I really like the smell of this cleanser. It smells very sweet. Overall, I think it’s a nice cleanser to use especially if you like products with natural ingredients.

Available online and at Ulta

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