Be Fine Be Lips! Review and Photos


Be Fine Be Lips! ($25)

Be Fine Lip Exfoliator Banish the effects of daily stress on your lips while enhancing their natural color. Pineapple enzymes exfoliate and reveal fresh new skin for soft baby lips. Contains emollients, botanical extracts and vitamins to smooth, condition and moisturize.

Be Fine Lip Serum Enjoy shiny kissable lips with Chamomile & Beets delivering smoothness and ultra sheet tint. Palm peptides plump up and tighten skin around the lips while renewing the collagen and protecting from the effects of UVA.

My Thoughts:

Be Fine Be Lips! comes with both a lip exfoliator and lip serum to help keep your lips looking and feeling soft and smooth.

Be Fine Lip Exfoliator has a cream-like texture with tiny grains to slough off the dead skin.  There weren’t very many grains in the exfoliator so it didn’t feel very rough. It mostly felt as if I was rubbing cream on my lips. I don’t know if it tasted good or bad, because I didn’t lick my lips. It did, however, have a scent. It smelled like wheat? or at least something grain-like. Overall, due to the low amount of grains, Be Fine Lip Exfoliator felt very gentle. Some people may feel their lips weren’t exfoliated enough due to the lack of grains. For me, since I don’t like for my lips to feel raw, the Be Fine Lip Exfoliator was perfect.

The Be Fine Lip Serum reminds me of clear gloss. It smelled very good and left my lips feeling moisturized. The serum didn’t sting or irritate my lips. It didn’t feel too thick or sticky either. I didn’t find anything particularly special about it or anything that made it stand out against other lip serums.

Available online and at Ulta

Check out more photos of Be Fine Lip Exfoliator and Be Fine Lip Serum!

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