My Hair Through The Years


I’m getting that itch again. The I-need-a-new-look itch. But I have a problem. I’m out of hairstyle ideas! I need some help. I’ve changed my hairstyle so often, I’ve exhausted my hairstyle creativity. So check it out! Here are my hairstyles over the last 5 years!

I’ve gone through so many different hairstyles over the past few years. These are just some of them. My poor hair. It’s been dyed, bleached, razored, and layered.

Check out my different hairstyles up close!

This is my shaggy layered hairstyle. You can see I’m trying to grow out my dyed and bleached layers. Can you also tell my skin is 2 different shades? My arms are darker than my legs!

When my dyed layers finally reached above my shoulders, I chopped it all off to get rid of it. That is how I ended up with this little bob. I believe this is also around the time Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle was taking over. So, the back of my hair had a Victoria Beckham thing going on.

About a month and a half or two months after that I decided to get the pixie haircut. I’m not sure why I did it (and I can’t believe I did it). I just figured it’s only hair and it’ll grow back I guess.

And grow back it did. It only took about a year for my hair to grow past my shoulders. I’m lucky my hair grows fast. I think that’s why I am such a chameleon when it comes to hair.

As soon as my pixie grew out, I chopped off my hair again. I’m not sure what hairstyle I was going for, but I ended up with this. Not sure what to call it. But I do remember, the stylist damaging the ends of my hair majorly from using a razor to create the layers. Time to grow out my damaged hair again.

And this is what I ended up with: plain long hair. I want to do something to my hair, but I’m out of ideas. I need your help!

Any suggestions for a new hairstyle? Do you have any hairstyle regrets or raves? I would love to hear about it.

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19 comments to My Hair Through The Years

  • alvira

    The pic in which you are wearing the green shirt I think that hairstyle looks very good on you either go for that or just ask the stylist to trim your hair a little bit and cut your hair in steps I am sure that will suit you too.I have the same problem as you my hands and arms are also darker than my face and other body parts :(

  • I love the picture of you in the pink dress – but then, I like my hair short, too, so perhaps I’m biased :) I love short hair, though (so low maintenance! and you can dress it up with cute headbands, haha), and it’ll be perfect for summer!
    Larie recently posted..Tarte Mascaras- Yay!My ComLuv Profile

    • Audrey Dao

      haha i think short hair suits my face better, and I agree: low maintenance! I like to roll out of bed and viola! my hair is ready to go. haha

  • Pam

    You look really nice with short hair. I like the hairstyle of you in the pink dress the most. It suites you well

    • Audrey Dao

      that haircut I had with the pink dress is bowl haircut looking from the front. the results of growing out a pixie cut haha

  • Ally

    I like the bob haircut. I think that one looks pretty!

  • my hair regret was chopping it short, can’t pull off that look you did did beautifully~ especially the 3rd row

  • Soo

    I love your hair in the pic of you wearing pink! you pull it off really well. I’ve always been afraid of short hair from an incident when I was like 10. my mom cut my hair to a bit above my shoulders and I got made fun of by boys who told me I looked like a boy. major insecurities with short hair on me since then. :(

    I’m not sure what kind of hair style you’re looking for, but I really like Nicki Minaj’s hair that’s like long and straight in the front that layers back short. that is just me, though!
    Soo recently posted..5 Double Sparkle Eyeshadows from InglotMy ComLuv Profile

  • u look so cute in the first pic of you drinking starbucks :p oh heck you are cute either way! <3
    Lulu recently posted..Overall Review of DermaSilk ProductsMy ComLuv Profile

  • An inverted bob with long, feathery front pieces, but not too Beckham-ish in the back. No, don’t pixify, but it IS only hair!

    I chopped off 4+ inches a month ago – FREEDOM!
    Soos recently posted..Is this any way to eat your vegetablesMy ComLuv Profile

  • Megan

    I think a bob looks great on you! Nice volume from your thick hair; i could never get a bob with my thin hair, it’s always flat.

    • Audrey Dao

      Thanks! Surprisingly the bob was a bit high maintanence. I had to blow dry my hair to style it :(

  • Maria

    I liked you better with the long hair i think first of all because you can do different hairstyles with it , and second of all it is nice on you :)

  • Seeba

    All these pics are soo cute, but i think your hair in the green tshirt is the best, sleek and feminine x

  • layla

    Hey! Can you tell that I’m having a very quiet day at work? Lol.. just going through some of your old posts and wanted to add that I love the “growing out of your pixie” look.

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