Be Fine Rough Spot Lemon Balm Review and Photos


Be Fine Rough Spot Lemon Balm ($25) Rough Spot Lemon Balm is filled with healing Shea Butter to soften rough patches and Avocado Oil to hydrate and smooth. Skin feels softer with every use.

My Thoughts:

I like to describe Be Fine’s Rough Spot Lemon Balm as “lip balm for your rough and dry spots.” The Rough Spot Lemon Balm comes in the shape of lemon and even smells like one! The lemon opens in half to reveal the white colored balm. So cute! The curvature of the lemon makes it really easy to hold in your hand and apply the balm to elbows, knees, feet, and where ever else you want to. I like to apply the Lemon Balm to my feet because they take quite a beating from all the walking and running I do. Plus, it’s time to start getting my feet ready for flip flop and sandal season. Summer is coming! Just like the description says, my skin does feel softer with every use. I would actually have to say the Lemon Balm has replaced my pumice stone. The Lemon Balm goes on much smoother and softer than rubbing a pumice stone. Also, the balm doesn’t crumble and leave a mess like a pumice stone does. The balm does go on a little greasy because of the Avocado Oil, but once you rub it in and let it absorb, the greasiness disappears. The moisturizing effects lasts about half a day (12 hours) so I apply the balm in the morning and at night. My feet have never looked so smooth and felt so soft!

Available online and at Ulta

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